Policy Briefs


Information About GrOW Research Policy Briefs

GrOW Research policy briefs are concise documents that synthesize research results, with special attention paid to policy implications for women’s economic growth and economic empowerment. Policy briefs are companion pieces to existing working papers.

Our Policy Briefs

Policy Brief: The Challenges of Measuring Women' Economic Empowerment: Evidence from the GrOW Program

Policy Brief Authors: Sonia Laszlo and Kate Grantham

Policy Brief: What are the Benefits of Subsidized Early Childcare? Evidence from Kenya

Policy Brief Authors: Natalie Simeu, Stella Muthuri, Caroline Kabiru, Danielle Doughman, Sonia Laszlo and Shelley Clark

Policy Brief: Effectiveness of Gender Budgeting on Gender Equality and Fiscal Space: Empirical Evidence from Asia Pacific

Policy Brief Authors: Lekha Chakraborty, Marian Ingrams and Yadawendra Singh

Policy Brief: Can Subsidized Early Child Care Promote Women’s Employment? Evidence from Kenya

Policy Brief Authors: Shelley Clark, Caroline Kabiru, Sonia Laszlo and Stella Muthuri

IDRC Policy Briefs

On this page you can also find policy briefs showcasing the results of IDRC’s Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women program, taking place in 14 countries around the world.

Policy Brief: From school to work in six African countries: how are women faring?

Policy Brief Authors: Andy McKay, Mary O'Neill, Alejandra Vargas and Martha Melesse

Policy Brief: How to grow women-owned businesses

Policy Brief Authors: Mary O'Neill, Alejandra Vargas and Arjan de Haan

Policy Brief: Increasing women’s support for democracy in Africa

Policy Brief Authors: Stephan Klasen, Mary O’Neill and Alejandra Vargas

Policy Brief: Reducing child marriage and increasing girls’ schooling in Bangladesh

Policy Brief Authors: Nina Buchmann, Rachel Glennerster, Mary O'Neill and Alejandra Vargass

Policy Brief: Unpaid care and women’s empowerment: lessons from research and practice

Policy Brief Authors: Mary O’Neill, Alejandra Vargas and Deepta Chopra