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The GrOW Research Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication featuring current news, research, interviews and discussion pieces on women’s economic empowerment written by Canadian development scholars and practitioners.

Individuals interested in submitting a discussion piece for an upcoming issue can contact our Managing Editor, Kate Grantham, at

Issue No. 7 | Research Bulletin Date: 2018 August

Fredrik Galtung, Tiffany Barnes-Huggins

Issue No. 6 | Research Bulletin Date: 2018 April

Arjan de Haan, Kate Grantham, Susana Martinez-Restrepo

Issue No. 5 | Research Bulletin Date: 2018 February

Sonia Laszlo, Liam Swiss, Astrid Pregel

Issue No. 4 | Research Bulletin Date: 2017 December

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Corinne Mason, Sonia Laszlo and Kate Grantham

Issue No. 3 | Research Bulletin Date: 2017 September

Kate Grantham, Wanda Bedard, Rebecca Tiessen and Stephen Baranyi

Issue No. 2 | Research Bulletin Date: 2017 July

Kate Grantham, Jennie Hurwood and Bipasha Baruah

Issue No. 1 | Research Bulletin Date: 2017 May

Kate Grantham