Working Papers

Information About GrOW Working Papers

GrOW working papers are original “works-in-progress,” aimed at stimulating public discussion of ongoing scholarly research and advancing scientific knowledge on women’s economic empowerment and economic growth. We have four separate categories of papers:

GrOW Working Papers:

Measurement of Women's Economic Empowerment in GrOW Projects New
Sonia Laszlo and Kate Grantham, No. 8, October 2017, Research Report

Daycare and women’s health, social, and economic outcomes in low- and middle-income countries: Systematic review and evidence synthesis
Sam Harper, Nichole Austin and Arijit Nandi, No. 7, September 2017, Research Contribution Paper

Care Economy, Gender and Inclusive Growth in Post-Reform China: How Does Unpaid Care Work Affect Women’s Economic Opportunities and Gender Equality?
Xiao-Yuan Dong and Yaohui Zhao, No. 6, September 2017, Research Contribution Paper

Can Subsidized Early Child Care Promote Women’s Employment?: Evidence from a Slum Settlement in Africa
Shelley Clark, Caroline Kabiru, Sonia Laszlo and Stella Muthuri, No. 5, July 2017, Research Contribution Paper

Gender, Institutions, and Economic Development
Stephan Klasen, No. 4, July 2017, Concept Paper

The Win-Win Case for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Growth: Review of the Literature
Arjan de Haan, No. 3, July 2017, Concept Paper

Gender and Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Central and East Africa: Barriers and Benefits
Doris Buss, Blair Rutherford, Jennifer Hinton, Jennifer Stewart, Joanne Lebert, Gisèle Eva Côté, Abby Sebina-Zziwa, Richard Kibombo and Frederick Kisekka, No. 2, July 2017, Research Contribution Paper

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Inclusive Growth: Labour Markets and Enterprise Development
Naila Kabeer, No. 1, May 2017, Concept Paper